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E Bléck no vir

Galerie bei der Kierch, Kehlen, Luxembourg
14-17 July 2022

including my work Mage of Manchester.

This exhibition is organised around artists who suffered damage during the 2022 flooding in Luxembourg.

In a link to this flooding, Mage of Manchester was taken at a site that was major flooding along the Irwell. The embankment and ...

bleck no vir

Peace Letter to Ukraine

Cologne, Germany
May 2022

An on-line video exhibition

including my work On.

Violence and war as destructive matter are standing against culture, art and creativity. The Russian-Ukraine War is barbarian und destructive trying to erase solidarity and humanity. ...

peace letter Ukraine

Artworks for Ukraine

Mudam, Luxembourg
27 March 2022 10:00-18:00

Fundraising initiative

with my work Eau de Venise available.

In response to the current humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine, the Luxembourg art scene is mobilising to raise funds. Several artists, in collaboration with Mudam Luxembourg and the Bert Theis Archive, are organising a sale of artworks in the heart of Mudam. ...


AI&Art Pavilion opening

La Maison du Savoir, Université de Luxembourg, Esch-Belval
11 March 2022 16:00-20:00

The AI&Art pavilion at the University of Luxembourg for Esch 2022 opens.

An initial presentation of the individual AI projects conceived by artists and realised together with students, including my project Intelligent Critique developed in collaberation with the University of Luxembourg, Cadi Ayyad University and Ayoub Nainia. ...


Conference: Singularity 42! Am I AI?

Casino, Luxembourg
19:00, 24 February 2022

Am I AI? Into the deep of AI Singularity42! When artificial becomes our new nature: a conference with Dr. Thibaud Latour (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technologies – LIST)

Followed by a panel discussion with Lynn Klemmer, Mnemozine; Robert Frankle, participating artist in the AII&Art Pavilion project in the context of Esch2022; Max Gindt, Digital Luxembourg. Presentation by Michel Delage, journalist at radio 100,7....

Singularity42 Prelude view

Embracing the Echo

Master's Research Paper by Birgit Thalau

Extract from pages 25-26

3.4. Example from contemporary art

Currently, artists still make use of everyday and fetish objects to express themselves.

In his photo series Teddy, Fantasy (first part) and Reality (second part), from 2010, ...


Singularity 42! Prelude

La Maison du Savoir, Université de Luxembourg, Esch-Belval, Luxembourg
November 2021

A prelude to the AI and Art programme presented by Singularity 42! as part of the University of Luxembourg's AI&Art pavilion during Esch 2022.

During the exhibition, there was a panel discussion on the subject of "the Future of Artistic Research". It was also part of the University of Luxembourg's AI conference BNAIC/BENELEARN 2021.

with a presentation of my video animation Pandemonium....



May 2021

A virtual exhibition of photography

with a presentation of a self-portrait + 6 images from various photographic works....

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